2 eyes to see and 1 to observe

My all the blog posts describes about a person like every who make an huge impact on my life or they are important for me in ever aspect but in this blog I am going to share about a person whoome I just met a month ago and his life struggle story made and impact on me it ain’t bothers if you are living or dead if you have done something unique you will be known by your words and works.

Words and work are the two things that define a person and it’s persona. You cannot just bump into other persons mind and come to know what is going inside there, so these two things makes you judge about a person and put into diffrent categories

People react diffrent in front of diffrent people so everyone has different perspective about each person so when you come to know about some issues don’t judge it, because it’s their point of view no yours. Okay imagine you are under a flower-plant-shop and you find a flower really really beautiful you approach it then you came to know that it only survives where it is cold condition and you tell your freind this is beautiful but cannot have it. She also accepts that it cannot be buyed rather not knowing that her friend lived in cold conditions. This is what happens people react diffrently to each person. If it would be same there would no drama and life would be dreadly boring isn’t it?

And some people find coffee dark and some find amazing but after all it is all caffeinated!

So, I met this person. He told me about his up’s and down’s of his life he used to work under his friend and everything was peaceful and happy they both decided that the things were not working the friend’s how he wanted so he told his friend that I will pay you money Asap into 6 months surely,






And then came the day and the friend diched him and when he asked for the money he denied and said “what money?” The man got heartbroken and left.

Words are sharpest knife that can make a relationship or can make it worse and work define your words.



People around me,

People around me are temporary. Nothing lasts forever, even if it’s your new gadgets guarantee or its people. You don’t always make mistake, you are punished everytime, is this happens only with me…

I maybe judgmental , maybe dishonest, maybe an asshole or maybe worse but why everytime me?

They say life is a short tearm effort, meet people, greet them and say goodbye but there’s this one thing…This one thing that strikes my mind eveytime I loose someone. I ask myself why I got connected to them, why I trusted them, why why and why’s

If life is hard with you, it is harsh with me, they say if life gives you lemons, sqwish and make lemonade but not every problem is lemon or every solution is lemonade.

Okay so let’s go back to thoose pages, thoose happy pages, how do we meet people?

When you have choices similar, or likes, dislike similar to each other but my friendship was too close that i forgot how we met. But one of the best advisor, okay lets just not say good or bad

Just take a few moments and close your eyes and imagine a person who is among the most important to you and you will find tons and tons of memories about them, isn’t it?…..Now try to recall any top 10 best of them..

Beautiful isn’t it how relifable and nurturing it feels to think about them and now…..Now try to imagine if they are snatched away from you, you are close enough but not by souls, your souls need to talk but your mind says…. NO..Due to some reasons or the other person says not to talk to them,

When you life is going so right the moment…The moment life kicks you off and says not yet and you are helpless, hope less and grief stricken.

Hope you all get the happiness you deserve and never loose the one who you imagined because I lost mine 😦

Blint folded journey

3 months,

Yes three months remind me this later

A blindfolded journey. Can you imagine being a blint at your early ages of your life, afcourse not even by imagining we get shaken up. Alright let me tell you about a women who struggled all her life and still didn’t gave up. I didn’t knew much about her life but since I’ve been growing up and understanding things I always found her motivated and a dedicated women. She was the only one who couldn’t see properly not even partially. Sometimes I feel why god takes away all your happiness and giftes you a nice piece of sadness. I don’t know but yeah 4 months from today his husband was in I.C.U. and she need to travel to get some paperwork for his husband’s operation related to get done.

At first she denied but then she said yes if my husband gets well I should do it. Like every Indian women she took 7 promises during her marriage of which one of it was, to “take care of each other till last breathe” and so to keep her promise she went through a 12 hours journey. It maybe seems easy for you and me but that 74 year old women was struggling for her husband. Thoose people who click pictures with their loved ones and post them by saying goals, Aren’t goals these are real goals. She went to her hometown blint with only eyes full of hope but dark enought who couldn’t see anything. I was sitting next to her and heard all her prayers for his husband. And she got her papers done so that she could save his life. And when she returned she was fully exhausted and tired like she has battled all her life and now was about to give up soon. But didn’t. In a week or two his husband was back home well and better and healthy enough. Now she felt a little truamic and diziness inside she didn’t tell it to anyone in her family and soon it became worse and worse

But her family members came to know about it and rushed to the hospital. One month two days she was admitted in the same hospital and 30 March she was discharged and on same day she gave up. She gave up on all the battles. She gave up upon her life. She used to say “one day surely I will able to see the beautiful world again which my beautiful god created for me” but she went. And now only her things which remind me is I hope she must be leading a happy life. I hurts missing someone it hurts even more when you know the person cannot come back. Or the person cannot see you anymore or you cannot talk to them anymore. I loved her, Yes she was my grandmother and yes I miss her.

Lost and lavender (part-1)

A girl stays in the corner of my room lonely, sad, broken, timid and ofcourse dark and she stays in the darkest part of my room. She watches me dancing when I am happy she sees me sad sees me wipeing my tears. When I switch off my lights still she can see me. I don’t know why she never tries to communicate with me. She happy being alone, she is happy seeing me into deep thoughts.

I always found myself watched. I never bothered about her. Leaving the first day when I saw her. I was a little happy as I got a new friend in this fake world and with someone who can oviously not spill my secreats and with the brown twirled eyes and short hairs with thoose eyes she would stare at me.

But I tried to communicate with her and she is giving me signs about me and she is always a good abuser and an advicer. But the problem is I never listen to her. I do what I think is right. And then when my right turns out to be my biggest mistake she would laugh at me and glare with thoose eyes and says “I told you not to….” And then I would regret by not commanding her instructions. Maybe she is good at heart. Beacause every time I fall apart she gives me a shoulder and says “it happens don’t worry, everything gonna be fine” and I hear them all. Yes that girl knows all my stories and respect me and my sadness. Let me tell you it’s not ME

To be continued…

The new age

Really sorry for being late for this blog but I couldn’t find somethings on their way.

You all must have observed that you have always been judged over way of your dressing or your dressing scence, no matter if you got no “Scence”. Even if the person has a face of footprint he should have a good dress. Oh how can I forget here ” looks > brains”.

I was closing my eyes when I saw the beamlight of cars flashing through the glass window of my car. It’s been a while since we were travelling. And when I am totally free I think about what is happening and cry over it. I was thinking of 2-3 majorly girls who were like litrally harassing a girl with words for wearing a pretty small dress.

I was feeling so guilty about not being break their faces with the moral values of minding their own business but kept quiet? Why? How could I?

She came into tears her heart broke into pieces not beacause of a guy but because of a girl. This was literally disgusting. You must have seen many mental tortures but not this.

I wanted to say them that:

Is she your daughter? Or she is spending your money? Tell me why are you being so much of jeloused of her? She can do whatever she wants!

Let me tell you another thing that is when you pass immoral and depressing statement towards anyone just wait a second and ask fee question to yourself if you can answer these you should definitely say the phrase..

  • I am doing this thing will it help anyone?
  • The things which I am going to share will it not hurt his/her sentiments?
  • What if the same words are spoken to me
  • Are this good according to my moral values taught by elders

Error 404 in me

Yesterday was 15 january 2018 and the day was almost going as better I wished for, nothing special was happening or going to happen, I don’t know but I was getting a dizzy vibe. This is not the first time that I was getting such vibes. I don’t know I was feeling that something really bad I s going to happen. And I don’t know why I was feeling that I am going to have a leave on another Friday , I made myself prepare for the Friday school as I needed to return some book which I took couple of weeks ago.

And being moody person I destroy my mood a very soon I was trying to recall everything happen in last past 10 years but couldn’t figure anything out. I slept with such thoughts all over my minds. That day I dreamed nothing and slept peacefully under the sheets. With a sudden knock I woke up, I thought I was late and I didn’t hear the alarm clock shouting at my ears no, it was 5 in the morning when my mom came to me crying with the saddest death news of death about his father. I could see tears in her eyes and I could see her heart crying the loudest. I was still feeling that it was a dream until mom came sat next to me and said “you remember how he used to mess your hairs and give a smile and always used to appreciate your work and even when I used to get angry on you and scold he saved you every time”. I came into teras when I realized this was a truth and couldn’t handle this. I get really sad and deeply broken when I hear about deaths and that to such a close person. I was breaking down I don’t know how to share my pain and pour my heart out so I started reading books this was the best escape and now the main thing was mom asked me for a leave from school today, inside u was worrying that us so much going according to what I thought yesterday.

I don’t know but u guess this was the third time that I experienced what I imagined. I feel so many special powers in me UNREALISTIC TOTALLY. I remembered that what I told to my best friend yesterday that “no matter what we ao there is always something which is left behind ”

Now to conclude I would only say I forget about rest and stay focussed on

  • What is COMMING
  • With all your PEACE
  • Problems are going to come but you need to FIGHT
  • LOVE what you have

Introvert or extrovert

First of all this is about how in life people are classified between two and.

I just posted some stuff about introvert and I realised they aren’t so bad and I mean they are happy soul flying alone without fear of their thought to be leaked about everywhere…

Wheras when we see an extrovert we realised life is beautiful, they are carefree, spill their sass around and have fun living life…….

But for introvert life is going and will be going on with or without them .but extroverts get senti mental on one outbreak of any relation between two..

Loving aspects of both now it come to feelings and all in this case introverts are actually highly qualified as they have no one to socialise with they read books and have their own fantasies with them whereas the extroverts spill all their love around and shout about and in and out and people start to outrage and jeloused about them……

Not belong in them I belive in being a proper human who has true feeling and a human who loves without no profit no loss because in love some aspects cannot be accomplished but them….

Life is too short🌻 :-