Introvert or extrovert

First of all this is about how in life people are classified between two and.

I just posted some stuff about introvert and I realised they aren’t so bad and I mean they are happy soul flying alone without fear of their thought to be leaked about everywhere…

Wheras when we see an extrovert we realised life is beautiful, they are carefree, spill their sass around and have fun living life…….

But for introvert life is going and will be going on with or without them .but extroverts get senti mental on one outbreak of any relation between two..

Loving aspects of both now it come to feelings and all in this case introverts are actually highly qualified as they have no one to socialise with they read books and have their own fantasies with them whereas the extroverts spill all their love around and shout about and in and out and people start to outrage and jeloused about them……

Not belong in them I belive in being a proper human who has true feeling and a human who loves without no profit no loss because in love some aspects cannot be accomplished but them….

Life is too short🌻 :-





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