Error 404 in me

Yesterday was 15 january 2018 and the day was almost going as better I wished for, nothing special was happening or going to happen, I don’t know but I was getting a dizzy vibe. This is not the first time that I was getting such vibes. I don’t know I was feeling that something really bad I s going to happen. And I don’t know why I was feeling that I am going to have a leave on another Friday , I made myself prepare for the Friday school as I needed to return some book which I took couple of weeks ago.

And being moody person I destroy my mood a very soon I was trying to recall everything happen in last past 10 years but couldn’t figure anything out. I slept with such thoughts all over my minds. That day I dreamed nothing and slept peacefully under the sheets. With a sudden knock I woke up, I thought I was late and I didn’t hear the alarm clock shouting at my ears no, it was 5 in the morning when my mom came to me crying with the saddest death news of death about his father. I could see tears in her eyes and I could see her heart crying the loudest. I was still feeling that it was a dream until mom came sat next to me and said “you remember how he used to mess your hairs and give a smile and always used to appreciate your work and even when I used to get angry on you and scold he saved you every time”. I came into teras when I realized this was a truth and couldn’t handle this. I get really sad and deeply broken when I hear about deaths and that to such a close person. I was breaking down I don’t know how to share my pain and pour my heart out so I started reading books this was the best escape and now the main thing was mom asked me for a leave from school today, inside u was worrying that us so much going according to what I thought yesterday.

I don’t know but u guess this was the third time that I experienced what I imagined. I feel so many special powers in me UNREALISTIC TOTALLY. I remembered that what I told to my best friend yesterday that “no matter what we ao there is always something which is left behind ”

Now to conclude I would only say I forget about rest and stay focussed on

  • What is COMMING
  • With all your PEACE
  • Problems are going to come but you need to FIGHT
  • LOVE what you have

20 thoughts on “Error 404 in me”

  1. Rip to your grandfather… may his soul find purpose again

    Your instincts are very strong and this isn’t something bad. It will prepare you for situations…
    Stay blessed

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