The new age

Really sorry for being late for this blog but I couldn’t find somethings on their way.

You all must have observed that you have always been judged over way of your dressing or your dressing scence, no matter if you got no “Scence”. Even if the person has a face of footprint he should have a good dress. Oh how can I forget here ” looks > brains”.

I was closing my eyes when I saw the beamlight of cars flashing through the glass window of my car. It’s been a while since we were travelling. And when I am totally free I think about what is happening and cry over it. I was thinking of 2-3 majorly girls who were like litrally harassing a girl with words for wearing a pretty small dress.

I was feeling so guilty about not being break their faces with the moral values of minding their own business but kept quiet? Why? How could I?

She came into tears her heart broke into pieces not beacause of a guy but because of a girl. This was literally disgusting. You must have seen many mental tortures but not this.

I wanted to say them that:

Is she your daughter? Or she is spending your money? Tell me why are you being so much of jeloused of her? She can do whatever she wants!

Let me tell you another thing that is when you pass immoral and depressing statement towards anyone just wait a second and ask fee question to yourself if you can answer these you should definitely say the phrase..

  • I am doing this thing will it help anyone?
  • The things which I am going to share will it not hurt his/her sentiments?
  • What if the same words are spoken to me
  • Are this good according to my moral values taught by elders


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