Lost and lavender (part-1)

A girl stays in the corner of my room lonely, sad, broken, timid and ofcourse dark and she stays in the darkest part of my room. She watches me dancing when I am happy she sees me sad sees me wipeing my tears. When I switch off my lights still she can see me. I don’t know why she never tries to communicate with me. She happy being alone, she is happy seeing me into deep thoughts.

I always found myself watched. I never bothered about her. Leaving the first day when I saw her. I was a little happy as I got a new friend in this fake world and with someone who can oviously not spill my secreats and with the brown twirled eyes and short hairs with thoose eyes she would stare at me.

But I tried to communicate with her and she is giving me signs about me and she is always a good abuser and an advicer. But the problem is I never listen to her. I do what I think is right. And then when my right turns out to be my biggest mistake she would laugh at me and glare with thoose eyes and says “I told you not to….” And then I would regret by not commanding her instructions. Maybe she is good at heart. Beacause every time I fall apart she gives me a shoulder and says “it happens don’t worry, everything gonna be fine” and I hear them all. Yes that girl knows all my stories and respect me and my sadness. Let me tell you it’s not ME

To be continued…


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