Blint folded journey

3 months,

Yes three months remind me this later

A blindfolded journey. Can you imagine being a blint at your early ages of your life, afcourse not even by imagining we get shaken up. Alright let me tell you about a women who struggled all her life and still didn’t gave up. I didn’t knew much about her life but since I’ve been growing up and understanding things I always found her motivated and a dedicated women. She was the only one who couldn’t see properly not even partially. Sometimes I feel why god takes away all your happiness and giftes you a nice piece of sadness. I don’t know but yeah 4 months from today his husband was in I.C.U. and she need to travel to get some paperwork for his husband’s operation related to get done.

At first she denied but then she said yes if my husband gets well I should do it. Like every Indian women she took 7 promises during her marriage of which one of it was, to “take care of each other till last breathe” and so to keep her promise she went through a 12 hours journey. It maybe seems easy for you and me but that 74 year old women was struggling for her husband. Thoose people who click pictures with their loved ones and post them by saying goals, Aren’t goals these are real goals. She went to her hometown blint with only eyes full of hope but dark enought who couldn’t see anything. I was sitting next to her and heard all her prayers for his husband. And she got her papers done so that she could save his life. And when she returned she was fully exhausted and tired like she has battled all her life and now was about to give up soon. But didn’t. In a week or two his husband was back home well and better and healthy enough. Now she felt a little truamic and diziness inside she didn’t tell it to anyone in her family and soon it became worse and worse

But her family members came to know about it and rushed to the hospital. One month two days she was admitted in the same hospital and 30 March she was discharged and on same day she gave up. She gave up on all the battles. She gave up upon her life. She used to say “one day surely I will able to see the beautiful world again which my beautiful god created for me” but she went. And now only her things which remind me is I hope she must be leading a happy life. I hurts missing someone it hurts even more when you know the person cannot come back. Or the person cannot see you anymore or you cannot talk to them anymore. I loved her, Yes she was my grandmother and yes I miss her.


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