People around me,

People around me are temporary. Nothing lasts forever, even if it’s your new gadgets guarantee or its people. You don’t always make mistake, you are punished everytime, is this happens only with me…

I maybe judgmental , maybe dishonest, maybe an asshole or maybe worse but why everytime me?

They say life is a short tearm effort, meet people, greet them and say goodbye but there’s this one thing…This one thing that strikes my mind eveytime I loose someone. I ask myself why I got connected to them, why I trusted them, why why and why’s

If life is hard with you, it is harsh with me, they say if life gives you lemons, sqwish and make lemonade but not every problem is lemon or every solution is lemonade.

Okay so let’s go back to thoose pages, thoose happy pages, how do we meet people?

When you have choices similar, or likes, dislike similar to each other but my friendship was too close that i forgot how we met. But one of the best advisor, okay lets just not say good or bad

Just take a few moments and close your eyes and imagine a person who is among the most important to you and you will find tons and tons of memories about them, isn’t it?…..Now try to recall any top 10 best of them..

Beautiful isn’t it how relifable and nurturing it feels to think about them and now…..Now try to imagine if they are snatched away from you, you are close enough but not by souls, your souls need to talk but your mind says…. NO..Due to some reasons or the other person says not to talk to them,

When you life is going so right the moment…The moment life kicks you off and says not yet and you are helpless, hope less and grief stricken.

Hope you all get the happiness you deserve and never loose the one who you imagined because I lost mine 😦


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