2 eyes to see and 1 to observe

My all the blog posts describes about a person like every who make an huge impact on my life or they are important for me in ever aspect but in this blog I am going to share about a person whoome I just met a month ago and his life struggle story made and impact on me it ain’t bothers if you are living or dead if you have done something unique you will be known by your words and works.

Words and work are the two things that define a person and it’s persona. You cannot just bump into other persons mind and come to know what is going inside there, so these two things makes you judge about a person and put into diffrent categories

People react diffrent in front of diffrent people so everyone has different perspective about each person so when you come to know about some issues don’t judge it, because it’s their point of view no yours. Okay imagine you are under a flower-plant-shop and you find a flower really really beautiful you approach it then you came to know that it only survives where it is cold condition and you tell your freind this is beautiful but cannot have it. She also accepts that it cannot be buyed rather not knowing that her friend lived in cold conditions. This is what happens people react diffrently to each person. If it would be same there would no drama and life would be dreadly boring isn’t it?

And some people find coffee dark and some find amazing but after all it is all caffeinated!

So, I met this person. He told me about his up’s and down’s of his life he used to work under his friend and everything was peaceful and happy they both decided that the things were not working the friend’s how he wanted so he told his friend that I will pay you money Asap into 6 months surely,






And then came the day and the friend diched him and when he asked for the money he denied and said “what money?” The man got heartbroken and left.

Words are sharpest knife that can make a relationship or can make it worse and work define your words.


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